Digital channel assessment

Building a digital channel is never ‘done’. It will always be in transition as the market catches up, customers get more demanding and innovations offer new opportunities to engage the user deeper into your user experience.

Below you will find a detailed (yet not exhaustive) list of elements to consider for today’s digital channels for telco or any similar domain that aspires to enhance its self-service and eCommerce channels. Each block represents an assessment that benchmarks the relative maturity against a baseline, either to identify gaps or a best-practice that can be shared across different implementations or markets.

Each category is subdivided into a number of mutually exclusive sections that each have a questionnaire and its ‘maturity definition’ in order to benchmark a specific implementation.

Operational capabilities > agile development:

  1. Your development is outsourced.
    New functions get introduced by a business case, briefing to the agency, blackbox development and user-acceptance-test before GoLive.
  2. Your development is outsourced.
    New functionalities are briefed, prototyped-and-demoed, developed and user-acceptance-tested before GoLive.
  3. Your development is in-house.
    It follows a short cyclical, in a linearly three-phased approach:
    1) requirements capturing
    2) design and prototyping
    3) development and user-acceptance-testing before GoLive
  4. Your development is in-house.
    It consists out of two distinct phases:

    1) requirements capturing, design and prototyping,
    2) development, user-acceptance-test and Golive
  5. Your development is done in-house.
    It is done, end-to-end, by a fully integrated team that spans requirements capturing, design and development. It evaluates and reiterates.